Friday, March 1, 2013


Spencer had a lot of fluid in his ears and after a couple of rounds of testing (several weeks apart), it was finally decided that he needed ear tubes. Of course the fluid made it harder for him to hear us and so his speech is delayed. He would only babble vowel sounds back then. Once he got his ear tubes placed, he quickly started picking up consonant sounds.

I took Spencer for an evaluation with a Speech Therapist earlier this week. She tried several communication tests with him, but also asked me stuff. For instance, we occasionally think Spencer knows "mama" and "dada," but we haven't been sure. It hasn't been consistent enough and he won't copy us, little stinker.

I've heard Spencer saying "mama" a few times near my feet lately and this morning I'm convinced! Spencer crawled over to my feet and said "mama!" He knows my name! I am more excited than I expected to be. I think... I think this is officially his first word!! With Ronni, my mom got him to say "Tigger" as his first word. (I was less than thrilled.) Sasha's first word was definitely "Dada," and I encouraged that. But I am so excited to hear my baby communicate vocally and for his first communication to be... for me! I'm sure he'll be rattling like crazy in no time!

What was your child(ren)'s first word? Were you excited or disappointed?
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