Thursday, September 29, 2011

LiceMeister® Comb

September is Head Lice Prevention Month. I've offered up many facts and warnings about lice as well as advice on how to prevent and battle infestations. Today I want to review for you a tool: The LiceMeister® Comb.

The combs that are currently more readily-available at most retailers have lightweight handles and tight teeth. They come with little brushes to clean out the combs. The LiceMeister®, however, has a heavier, smoother plastic handle that fits into your palm much better than the others. The teeth are even tighter together, too. Yes, this means that it is difficult to get the comb through hair, especially thick hair. But this is precisely what makes this comb so great! It is tight enough to actually clear the hair shaft of lice and nits.

Note: If any nits are missed, you should definitely remove them manually or continue with the comb until they're gone, but this comb just does the trick so much better than any other comb I've tried!

The cleaning tool is also completely different. Rather than a small brush (think eyebrow brush), it comes with something more like a flosser. You slide it up and down between the teeth to loosen the bugs, eggs, and debris caught there. I did not find I had to even do this very often. I used the comb in the bath with my little one and kept her hair very wet (or even used conditioner during combing). The comb often sat in the warm bath water and that seemed to help loosen everything as well.

One more great thing about the LiceMeister® Comb, Proceeds from comb sales through their site help support the NPA's programs of education, prevention and research.

If you are unable to find the LiceMeister® Comb in your area, please do not hesitate to contact the NPA for assistance in getting a comb fast!

To see my previous posts about lice, including our own battle with lice on Sasha's 1yo little head and a list of links on Lindane (the active ingredient in most lice treatments), click my lice label.


  1. Hi, Momma Jorge!

    My name is Tara and I'm the owner of a lice removal service in Seattle, WA - The Nit Picky Nurse.

    We use a comb called the Terminator Comb, and just love it! The handle of the comb fits comfortably in the hand and is made of stainless steel (just as the rest of the comb is). This is nice because it allows the comb to be boiled to sterilize without melting or changing the shape of the handle. Like the teeth of the LiceMeister comb, the teeth of the Terminator comb are very close together and require the hair be wet to prevent pulling; however, there is one difference. Each of the teeth have spiraled grooves the entire length that increase the number of nits and lice removed with each pull of the comb. The Terminator comb doesn't comb with a cleaning tool, but pulling a dry paper towel firmly down from the handle to the end of the comb works very well.

    I hope this little addition of another lice comb will help you and your blog family later on in the future if they should need to purchase a lice comb.

    Have a great day!
    Tara Oman, RN

    1. I am not familiar with that comb, but it does sound good. Thanks for the info! I wish we had nitpicking businesses here!

    2. The LiceMeister comb has a boilable handle that doesn't melt. Unlike the all metal -- it also has a handle that is completely sealed to be hygienic. The more lice combs that work the better but lets be fair about the differences.


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