Friday, September 23, 2011

Nursing through Pregnancy - 25 weeks

Soon after my last post on this topic, things improved.

Sasha mostly stopped needing to nurse for as long. She started to go to sleep a little earlier each night. She stopped clamping down on my nipple (except when I didn't get her to bed fast enough once she was asleep).

However, the teeth marks continue and are further and further around my nipple now, almost performing a full circle. Sleep improved, but has gotten worse again. I think due to some illness.

About to bare it all here, you have been warned...

My nipples are not nearly as tickly now, but rather painful. I try to keep that in perspective and maintain gratitude that it is pain rather than tickle. I did, after all, say I would welcome that change! Another issue I'm having, however, is that often when she nurses I can feel... something going on... either in my uterus or my vagina or something, I don't know. But it is creeping me out quite a bit (did someone say heebie jeebies?) which results in me feeling a tiny bit ill while she is nursing.

Nursing my child is not pleasant at all, my body should not think it is foreplay! My breasts have not been approached in a sexual manner in over 2 years! I actually suspect it is the pain aspect that is causing this new issue.

It is increasingly difficult to distract her from nursing when she asks. She is asking between sleep times, so that is difficult and has made my nipples even more sore. As I mentioned above, I think this is because she hasn't been feeling well.

She is, no doubt, still not taking any milk. I'd love for my milk to come in and for her to resume actually ingesting! I'm hopeful and still worried about her maintaining her knowledge and ability to nurse. I do make her re-latch at times, but I think that she then adjusts back to however she wants to nurse in the first place.

There were times when I asked her to switch that she refused. Now sometimes I tell her to switch and she refuses. I generally try a couple of times, then let her latch back on for a moment before I simply must insist she switch sides. I put it off until I can hardly stand it, so it isn't really an option by the time I'm telling her to switch.

Overall I'd say that we're doing better in our nursing relationship. I'm better at maintaining my calm, too. It is still unpleasant, but I'm dealing with it much better somehow. I can manage to keep my breathing slow and steady while nursing, though sometimes I simply must tense up my legs for a moment... something to express the tension! I figure its much better than groaning or tensing my upper body. If I'm sitting next to Elmo, he welcomes me to clutch his shoulder. Just being able to quietly communicate my discomfort to him is nice. He is supportive and hasn't tried to push me into weaning her off the breast. Nursing is clearly still important to her.

It is embarrassing to admit a sexual reaction to nursing. That is not why I nurse! I admit it, though, because I want to present an absolutely honest image of my nursing experience here. If it is happening to me, it has happened and will happen to other women. Knowing you're not alone is sometimes the most amazing support you can get!

Has your body ever had a sexual reaction to nursing?
Has nursing ever triggered Braxton Hicks contractions for you?
What is your most embarrassing breastfeeding story?

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