Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Surf

What did I even do this week? Ah, we got Spencer's echo-cardiogram. (It looked good!) I also contemplated some major decisions. Here the links that interrupted that train of thought along the way.

  • According to NPR, Comcast if offering reduced rate internet for low income families! They are also offering discounted basic PCs for a every discounted rate! Wonderful program! As our income drops, this may be an option to which we turn.

  • Scientists have to be able to map the protein structure of diseases in order to understand and combat them. Microscopes only offer one view, though. It is one-dimensional. A video game was written for figuring out the actual 3-D makeup of diseases. Care to guess how long it took online gamers to crack the AIDS enzyme puzzle?

  • I have, over the past year, seen many posts and discussions pop up regarding the "No 'poo Method." Heard of it? The idea basically seems to be that you stop shampooing your hair. That does dramatically simplify the philosophy a bit. I finally read an argument that intrigued me and looked around a bit. Here is the post I'm considering for reference for my own "No poo" experiments. I already rarely shampoo my hair (or Sasha's) at all.

  • There has also been a lot of discussion of homeschooling in my parenting circles lately. Specifically, there has been some comparison of types. Did you know there were several different types (or ways) to homeschool? I love Wikipedia and they have a great entry about homeschooling as an umbrella term (or at least covering many different methodologies).

  • Someone shared Onyx, this cool source for non-plastic containers. They have all sorts of stainless steel stuff, including straws!

  • I've had a few occasions recently where I noticed my uterus was hardened. I know this happens with orgasm, but I was noticing it at other times. Then it finally hit me... I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions, duh! Then I wondered what sorts of things make them happen. I was actually a bit surprised by the list provided by American Pregnancy Association.

    The list includes "when someone touches your belly." Wow. Really? Thankfully my BH aren't causing me any pain or discomfort at this point, they just feel strange. I kept thinking that Spencer was mashing directly on my bladder... nope, it was my BH uterus.

I hope you've enjoyed my links this week. I know I did! I've posted several others through the week directly onto my Facebook Page. Click over and "Like" so you won't miss anything!

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