Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Rearranging

Do you ever try to tackle a big "get rid of stuff" task and find yourself just moving items from their current spot to some other spot? I am absolutely guilty as charged! I've been alright with it, though. It really does mean more work as you wind up touching the same item several times before you (probably) just get rid of it anyway. It becomes about condensing, but that can lend itself to gently minimizing your stuff.

Walk-in ClosetOur Walk-in Closet

We have 1 walk-in closet in our tiny apartment. It holds... stuff we don't want Sasha to get into (and won't need often), sheets, what is left of our clothes that we don't wear often and haven't donated yet, and some other odds and ends. For a walk-in closet, you notice you can't really walk into it? This was my point of interest this weekend.

You see the flattened boxes? I simply moved them to sit against a wall out of the way. We need to move again at some point in the near future and I actually paid for most of those boxes! The toddler rail to the right? I slipped it behind the door. We'll be needing that again once Spencer is born.

You see all those clothes? I've gone through them... probably 6 times already and reduced the quantity. This is what still remains of what we don't wear. These are the items I was most hesitant to let go. I went through them again and wound up with a full garbage bag of donations (including a couple of other odds & ends including a camera bag and a movie poster)! I also moved the carseat further out of the way. We will need that once Spencer is born, too (pink cover or not)!

I also found the cover for the play yard and can't believe I hadn't just put it ON yet! I did put it on during this project and then wondered how dusty it has gotten in the meantime.

walk in closet - a work in progressOur Walk-in Closet - A Work in Progress

We still have the lamp that goes with the lamp shade and I'd like to someday use it WITH the lamp shade. The clothes now hanging to the left of the carseat are what I still kept for now. Some of it would definitely qualify as winter clothing. The clothes on the doorknob? Those are maternity shirts I'd forgotten I had! I definitely dragged those out to the coat closet (the small closet Elmo and I share for the clothes we actually use on a day-to-day basis).

There is still a stack of pre-pregnancy jeans to the upper left. I hope I can wear at least some of those after Spencer is born! I even found a few maternity bottoms in the stack! There is a garbage bag on the floor that still holds some items I haven't decided to donate yet. The funny thing is that I was recently wishing I hadn't donated our robes... and apparently I hadn't!

Now... my teenager has boxes of clothes! Her clothes are still in boxes, except for the mountain of dirty laundry in her floor. I had her do 2 loads of laundry this weekend and offered to help her get it put away. Here was the goal: You can have x amount of closet space. If the stuff in this laundry bag doesn't fit, you have to get rid of stuff. You only have this much space. She seemed shocked at first, but I pointed out that she'd have much less space in the travel trailer and she seemed to understand completely. She had some items that were too small anyway. We wound up with 3-4 shirts for donation.

Sasha gets in on the action!Sasha gets in on the action!

Sasha loved playing in the carseat and strapping her in certainly kept her from underfoot so much! You can also see Tyler's clothes being hung on either side. I helped her organize them so that it will be easier to find what she wants.

I am, admittedly, a bit underwhelmed by the donation pile. I think it was a good start, though. I don't want to overwhelm her with the project. I want her to be on board willingly. I know she appreciated the help because she hates putting clothes away! On our next laundry day, I'll have her do 2 more loads and we'll follow this process again.

You know what I think my teenager appreciated the most? She now has room to walk into the walk-in closet and change clothes in there! Since her room also serves as the walk-way to the bathroom, this is a very nice space for her to have!

Have you attempted minimalism with your kids?
How have you approached it?
How did they respond?
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