Friday, September 30, 2011

Book Review: Hello Baby

I've been trying to find good books to help my toddler understand that a baby brother is on the way. Hobo Mama offered a list of books (with short reviews!) for preparing an older sibling. Her son is, however, a year older than Sasha so none of the books I could get seemed to fit for us.

On my search, I had another book suggested and actually had to use my library's Interlibrary Loan service to get a copy. (I am SO glad my library offers this!) Hello Baby written by Jenni Overend and illustrated by Julie Vivas.

I had mostly been checking into board books, but I've gotten some regular paper books, too. This one is paper. And it isn't going to work for what I needed. However, it is an amazing book!

It is written as though from an older sibling's viewpoint. He has two older sisters, but has never witnessed a birth himself. You read about how his mother prepared him for her noisy birthing, an uncle's early gift of firewood to warm the home for baby's arrival, the arrival of the midwife and other support. He shares with us his sister's reaction and how he feels about the new baby and his family. It is SUCH a sweet, sweet book. At one point I was chuckling and at another I was nearly in tears.

You may find this book especially helpful in preparing an older sibling for a home birth of your new baby. I'm certain you will enjoy the book yourself, too! The book is 32 pages long and is a bit wordy for my 2yo, but isn't heavy reading at all. The artwork is lovely.

Do you have any book recommendations for me? I need books aimed at young toddlers.


  1. There are more children-oriented books in this post:
    I'm not sure how many are specifically aimed at toddlers, but I think a couple are of the board book variety.

  2. I liked Annie Kubler's books. They are attachment orientated as well.

  3. Ah, I love that book! The copy I had was called Welcome With Love, in case anyone's looking for it. I'm guessing they changed the name for the reprinting.

    Let me look through my massive review notes and see if there's anything that will fit the bill.

    Ok, I don't remember for sure which ones were best for littler kids, so this is going off my notes. You could check at the library or in the Search Inside This Book function on Amazon to see if they'll work:

    * Hello Baby! by Lizzy Rockwell
    * A New Baby Arrives by Nicola Barber (In my notes, I have: "Very simplistic (a sentence a page) and best for young children.")
    * How You Were Born by Joanna Cole. I bet this might need to be cut down as you read, but you were interested in some sex-ed books, right?
    * Everywhere Babies, by Susan Meyers & Marla Frazee
    * The New Baby by Mary Packard & Amanda Haley (Notes: "This is a "My First Reader" book, so it's a little annoying to read as an adult. (Heck, maybe it's annoying to read as a child, too.) It uses 48 words exactly and is written in a rhyming style. Being very short and using just the 48 words, it's also a simplistic story of boy-feels-displaced leading to boy-soothes-baby-and-is-happy. The illustrations are cute and simplistic.")
    * My Mom's Having a Baby!: A Kid's Month-by-Month Guide to Pregnancy by Dori Butler
    * Silly Baby by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
    * There's a House Inside My Mummy by Giles Andreae & Vanessa Cabban.
    * When You Were Inside Mommy by Joanna Cole & Maxie Chambliss
    * The New Baby by Fred Rogers & photographs by Jim Judkis
    * What's Inside Your Tummy, Mommy? by Abby Cocovini
    * I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole
    * The New Baby by Mercer Mayer
    * The homebirth book I'm giving away is nice and short: We're Having a Homebirth!! by Kelly Mochel. Try to win! :)

    I swear, that's not even all of them. I read a LOT of these types of books. But maybe that will give you a start of where to look!

    Good thing you like long comments…


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