Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Surf

It doesn't seem like I did much in the last week, but I don't really remember doing much surfing. I did see lots of Wordless Wednesday posts and shared most of them on my Facebook page. However, after doing the Down Syndrome themed Sunday Surf edition a couple of weeks ago, I still have a backlog of links to share with you!

  • This first link is an important one and is new from this past week. True Confessions of a Real Mommy publishes a Tell all Tuesday series. This past week she published one that I think is important for future mothers (and anyone who may know or ever know a future mother!) to read. Had you ever heard of Prenatal Depression? Please, please go read this!

  • Also new this week (from Monday, actually, in response to my Monday Minimalist: Kid Clothes), is what looks like it could become the next best thing to eBay! ThredUp lets you box of clothes and sell them for a set price AND/OR buy boxes of clothes for a set price. Every box is the same price. I think they are a bit unclear about that price without sign-up, though. I wasn't sure if it's plus $10.95 shipping (seems high) or box + shipping IS a total of $10.95. I haven't signed up yet, though. The clothes I bagged up last Monday were for a friend.

  • Dr Lawrence B Palevsky MD | FAAP was brought to my attention for his philosophy of Healing the Whole Child. Naturally. I haven't even surfed through the site much yet, but I knew you'd want to see it! He also has a Facebook Page.

  • One of my newest readers recently posted recipes for toothpaste... including a Vanilla one! I love vanilla toothpaste so I keep meaning to make this one! The toothpaste is kid-friendly and she offers some other flavor tips as well. (I think this one posted last Sunday so it is officially new as well.)

I hope you enjoyed these links and learned something new here today. Please feel free to send me links you think I should feature. Alternatively, you could even post them to my Facebook page! Have a great week!

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