Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Freebies

Possibly the toughest thing to resist taking home: freebies.

A few months ago I brought home a pretty pink and purple water bottle that is the style I never use. Sasha has played with it, but otherwise it is just taking up valuable space. So when faced with freebies, I try to stop and ask myself:

  • Will I really use this item?
  • Do I already have something doing the job this item would do?
  • Do I need this item?
    and my newest question:
  • Will I have space and a use for this item in our Travel Trailer?

These questions help me decide (more often than not) not to take an item home. However, as the holidays approach, there is another question springing to mind:

Would this make a good Giftmas present for someone on my list?

Sound awful? My unemployment runs out very soon and Giftmas is looking pretty sparse this year. We went to our first local Down Syndrome meeting Thursday and they gave us a lot of freebies (including a water bottle of the same style I mentioned above)!

Some of the stuff we got will make excellent presents! With a new family member arriving soon that has Down Syndrome, I think some of my family members would appreciate that these items have the local logo on them. The quality of the items is awesome! So I definitely got some Giftmas done.

How do you resist freebies or even crazy cheap stuff?

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