Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playful Parenting = Extra Energy??

Welcome to the September Carnival of Natural Parenting: Parenting Through Play

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It can be hard to remember that when your child wants to do something they can't (like be in the kitchen while Daddy is cooking bacon), it is much easier to distract than just to argue "no" or wrestle a toddler in tantrum mode.

This was our exact situation recently. I was exhausted. I'd had a rough night and just felt like crap. But I knew Sasha could not be in the kitchen with Daddy. And so what started with us arguing with Sasha (ever argued tried to argue with a 2yo?) suddenly turned into some one-on-one play time. I scooped my beautiful toddler up by her hips, threw her legs over my shoulder and hugged her upside down. This is something I do often, but I really did not think I had it in me on this particular morning.

Sasha and I roughhoused and giggled while Daddy cooked breakfast (even after the bacon was finished!). Then she peacefully sat down and had breakfast. She could have been settling in to eat after a crying fit. Its hard to eat when you've been crying.

I could have argued with her and spent a lot more energy trying to physically keep her out of the kitchen - a negative situation. Negatively spent energy just feels even more exhaustive, you know? Instead, we fed off of each other and had a grand time.

Obviously being in the kitchen with Daddy was not the Be-all End-all, most fabulous thing to do. It was, however, the most exciting thing for her... until I presented a better option, an option that was even more fun. And I didn't even think I used "Playful Parenting."

I must say I was most amazed that the energy just appeared as I needed it while playing with Sasha. I'm sure that beyond the initial burst, I fed off of her happy energy. Amazing, positive exchange!

How has playful parenting helped you avoid meltdowns?


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