Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Kid Clothes

How fast is your little one growing? They sure sprout up, don't they? Are their drawers getting cramped? Not only was our little plastic dresser thing stuffed, I had a box of Baby Clothes in the closet. I knew there had to be some overly girlie stuff in there and we're having a boy. Plus, a dear friend is having a girl next month! So it was high time I went through all of it and weeded out what I know we won't use with Spencer.

Minimizing Baby StuffBox o' Baby Clothes in the Closet

I was actually surprised by just how much of it was really girlie. I remember really embracing pink (I previously hated it) with Sasha. So... yeah, I wasn't terribly gender neutral. I need more stuff for Spencer!

I did get stumped on a couple of dresses that my mother made for Tyler, but then I realized they still fit Sasha anyway. I'm just not sure if I'll ever be able to pass them along outside of the family. They're pretty sentimental to me... but then my mother has only been gone a couple of months. Do you have any baby clothes you're keeping for sentimental reasons?

I had 1 ruffled dress that my step-mother referred to as my prom dress. (I didn't get to go to prom because I was pregnant.) I used to use it cover the base of the mobile on my firstborn's crib. I still have it. It takes up a lot less space than an actual prom dress!

This entire project took me less than 20 minutes. (Though I do have a stack of about 5 items I want to run by husband - I want to make sure they're neutral enough for my husband's comfort zone. One is a onesie I tie-dyed pink.) I now have one drawer completely empty, so I might be able to separate Sasha and Spencer's things. That will be nice.

Baby Girl ClothesGirlie clothes & shoes for my friend
sitting atop our baby dresser.

Are you saving baby clothes? Do you plan to have another baby? Have you gone through and minimized your daily use stuff lately? I bet there's outgrown stuff in there!

Besides, seasons are about to change... you need room for warmer clothes!


  1. Check out as a thought for getting some boy-themed clothes for Spencer.

    I ahve been going through Jea's stuf (a lot that we had alredy gotten rid of before moving from OK) but still have been able to post 3 boxes that were gone in a matter of days. Also got some dance stuff for her in a swap as well!

  2. right now I'm saving, because we're actively trying for baby #2. If it's a boy - we're set! If not, then I'll go through and pull out the gender neutral (jeans, etc) for baby 2, and then pull out the sentimental outfits - which will be made into a quilt for him when he goes to college. I plan on saving a few things here and there as he grows up - school t-shirts, band shirts from his favorite bands, jerseys (or whatever.) So when he leaves he'll have a quilt made from his life. Starting with his shirt from the hospital and his going-home outfit. I'll do the same for baby #2.

  3. This is a a good one, because it's something most any parent can pare down somewhat. I just went through all of Annabelle's clothes and was shocked by how much I could get rid of.

    I'm saving the things we like in case baby #2 is a girl, but I found that there was a ton I just didn't went because it doesn't fit with our lifestyle. I don't use onesies, for example, since we EC and they're a pain in the neck when you're taking a baby to potty frequently.

    I sold a lot through virtual garage sales and sent off care packages to cousins who have had babies recently. It felt gooood to purge all of that!

  4. @Bill & Lise - thanks for the link! That site looks pretty cool.

    @Emily - I love the quilt idea. I've also seen it used with concert tees from an adult.

    @Melissa - that is great! I did have some onesies, but tended to leave the bottom unsnapped. It definitely feels good to purge stuff and then to see the space you made when you're done - awesome!


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