Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mamatography - Week 4

I am on a roll with my Mamatography project and enjoying the reminder to take lots of photos! I hope you are enjoying it, too. Please feel free to hop on board any time!

Day 22


Tyler meets SpencerTyler finally gets to really meet Spencer, face to face!

Tyler and SashaMaking up for Lost Time - with Silliness!
Sasha missed Tyler a lot!

Day 23


Sasha rockin' fashionOur first Family Walk since Tyler's return... Sasha is wearing a flare of Tyler's added fashion accessory.

Day 24


Silly Bear Wipes - RainbowI got my new beautiful custom rainbow cloth baby wipes from Silly Bear this week and made my own wipe solution to start using with them. I loooove my new wipes!

Day 25


Tyler's HaircutTyler asked if she could cut her own hair. After giving it some thought, I let her go for it!
She loves her new do!

Day 26


Spencer's TherapyWe got started on Spencer's 2 (so far) exercises.

Day 27


Sleeping SashaSasha passed out for a late nap in the "Thinking Chair."
This sort of thing is rare for her!

Day 28


Spencer's boobooSee that faint pink line?
Spencer's first booboo inflicted at home.
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