Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mamatography - Week 5

Day 29


Sleepy Mommy & Baby SpencerCatchin' a cat nap with Spencer

Day 30


Brandon @ ParkSilly Uncle Brandon
Um, we took Sasha to the park, too!
Nursed Spencer @ park while Sasha played after errands.

Day 31


Support Team: Jenni & Elmo with Spencer & Sasha5 week postpartum follow-up
My entire support team there - with sleeping littles.

Day 32


Sasha, after a bathRonni has started giving Sasha baths.

Day 33


Sasha & Samantha in Grocery BasketVisitation Day & Sasha got to go!

Sasha & Samantha @ the ParkThey got to play at the park after the store.

Day 34


Medela Pump in Style AdvancedAnd so begins my 2nd milk supply scare...

Day 35


pump breastshieldsMore with the pumping...
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