Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Minimalist: Baby Registries - Toys

We're getting there! Today we're going to look at Toys (including books and music) / Gifts (keepsakes). I find it amusing that there is a "Gifts" section in the gift registry... aren't they all meant to be gifts?

Crib & Activity Toys

For starters, I don't use a crib. And even if I did, why would you want toys for a designated sleep area? As for the other toys, your baby won't need or be able to play with toys for awhile. Even so, you might want just a few things for later.

Toy Box

I would hope that anyone reading this post wouldn't need a box for newborn toys. How many toys does a new baby need?? Still, some sort of toy box will be good to have... eventually. I tend to use a small basket for small babies. I've even used a laundry basket. These ideas might prove useful if you don't get a toy box at your shower... and I must say, I've never seen anyone receive one. I don't think I've ever known anyone to register for one, either.

Baby Gyms and Play Mats

They do take up a little bit of space, but many of them fold up for easy storing. These are some of those toys that I think are very handy and helpful with infants! I would totally add one of these to your registry if you want one... but could still consider them luxuries. I don't have one for Spencer and don't plan to get one. I hope that doesn't make me seem like a bad parent or make Spencer seem neglected.

Books / DVDs / CDs

Books are great! They last and are good for your baby! I don't want to have a ton of books on hand and tend to just rotate stock with the library. I'd certainly suggest having a few, though. Board books are great for baby to play with eventually, too.

DVDs? I think most would consider these a luxury, especially for a newborn! There are all kinds of studies that say not to plop your kid down in front of a television. DVDs... do not go on my registry.

CDs might be nice if you plan to play lullabies. I'd still call it a luxury, but I can see the draw.

Parenting Books

If you are into reading books about parenting, you will probably want to read several and then maybe keep one or two on hand for reference. I'd suggest checking them out from the library rather than owning them, so this one doesn't belong on the registry.


I don't keep a lot of framed baby pictures. I do like to get a calendar printed with family and baby photos, which makes for an inexpensive gift, too! Frames are definitely not necessary. I kept a Baby Book with my firstborn, but I haven't since then. I did scrapbook a LOT for my second daughter's first 3 years or so. I didn't do much other than online journaling for my third child. I really did look for a baby book to use, but didn't find anything at all that I liked. I never registered for one. Photo Albums would be nice, if you do print photos. I'm really bad about just enjoying photos online, so these aren't really an issue. I did get portraits of Sasha done once, but gave some to grandparents. I don't think I have any of them framed or in photo albums. I still enjoy them online.

Perhaps the better keepsake to give would be portrait gift cards! That is one expense I am having a really hard time justifying and my photography skills are just not as good as those places. Maybe when I someday get my good camera fixed...

Only 2-3 more posts in this series. Its forever, right? So is registering! I went with my mother to a superstore once and we spent four hours registering! Tune in next week for Clothing!

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