Thursday, February 23, 2012

NoseFrida Review

Waaay back in May, I included a link to NoseFrida on my Sunday Surf. I had also read somewhere that it was especially good if you had a baby with Down syndrome, though I didn't see a reason given.

I contacted NoseFrida and asked if they'd be interested in sponsoring a review. Soon after, I received a NoseFrida and a Windi. Spencer hasn't been gassy and I'm still not quite "there" with the idea of the Windi yet, so this review is just about the NoseFrida itself.

The snot sucker arrived before Spencer (as I'd hoped), so I didn't have a newborn test subject available right away. I tried it on Sasha, but she resisted. She actually makes cleaning out her nose a big game where she giggles and wiggles her head... it does make things difficult.

Finally, Spencer arrived. The hospital actually even neglected to include his bulb syringe when we brought Spencer home. It wasn't long before he had something that needed sucked out of his nose.

I will warn that the NoseFrida has a small learning curve. I didn't quite have the confidence with it at first. And Spencer? He hated it! Someone did advise that you should run the tube in circles around the nostril. I tried that, but still felt awkward. It took several times sucking on the tube before the contents (alright, lets stop pussy-footin' around!) booger was close enough that I could grab it with my fingertips. It was the closest Spencer had gotten to crying since we brought him home. Sucking on the tube over and over again did kind of make me out of breath, too.

He's nearly 6 weeks old now and I have to clean one nostril or the other out at least every other day. He still doesn't like the NoseFrida, but I'm certain he wouldn't like a bulb syringe any better!

I've gained a lot more confidence using this tool and have gotten a lot quicker with it, too. Often times Spencer doesn't fuss because it is done and over fast enough. I still twirl around the nostril and I still have to suck a few (or several) times, but I can tell it is taking a lot less tries. Once he is a little bigger (if not sooner), I think I'll try the position in the video above. You can find a lot more NoseFrida videos including more mother reviews on YouTube.

I really like that with the NoseFrida, I'm not shoving something up his nose! That always made me so nervous with the bulbs. This thing is also much easier to clean and you can see what is in it!

It does have filters that require replacing, so there is an added expense. (It comes with 4 filters.) You're supposed to replace the filters after every use. However, since I'm really just using this on Spencer, he hasn't been sick at all, and I can *see* that nothing has made its way all the way into the tube, I don't change the filter every time. They're not terribly expensive anyway, but I'd rather not waste. I also disliked the smell of the mouthpiece (or tubing?) when it was new. I keep my NoseFrida in a drawer, though, and the smell has dissipated.

Would I recommend the NoseFrida? Absolutely! Not only would I, I have recommended it to several people already. I think it is a quirky product upon first glance, but pretty darn well thought-out!

You don't have to have a baby to need / use the NoseFrida, either. You can use it on your kids, too. This thing looks silly, but it really works! Sasha (2½yo) hasn't wanted me to use it on her, but she did have this stubborn blockage in her nose and was being difficult. I grabbed the NoseFrida and had her nose clear in seconds! The next time I offered to use it on her, she was absolutely on board! She giggled as I cleared her nose.

Please note: I did receive a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I received no further compensation for this review.

Have you ever tried the NoseFrida? What did you think?
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