Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mamatography - Week 6

Sometimes it is a pinch to get my Mamatography shot and I've even "cheated" on a day or two, but here we are... 6 weeks in! Please feel free to hop on board any time!

Day 36


Cooking steel cut oatsStill fighting for milk supply, eating steel cut oats once daily.

Day 37


Lactation Cookie DoughStayed up late (after the kids were asleep),
making Lactation Cookie dough.

Day 38


Baking Lactation CookiesI had to wait til the next day to bake my Lactation Cookies.

Sitting together in Sasha's Thinking ChairSasha usually claims a chair, so when she invited me to join her, I jumped at the opportunity!

Day 39


Daddy / Son Bonding over PS3Daddy / Son Bonding over PS3

Day 40


Daddy entertaining the toddlerDaddy did all he could to keep Sasha entertained while we tended to some business.

Day 41


Spencer the RookieDaddy was the Rookie here, changing his first cloth diaper; a blowout that involved changing clothes, too! (I was off at the bank.)

Day 42


Sasha's new cubbyI scooted Sasha's bed into a more closed-in space this week, she sleeps better with boundaries.

I'm finding it interesting to see just how much of what is going on in my life comes through in my choice of photography, if I just let it (and remember to keep the camera with me!).
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