Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Minimalist: Baby Registries - Clothing

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Today we're looking at Clothing. Now this is more truly a "must have," especially if you're having a Winter baby! Otherwise, by all means, feel free to leave your baby naked! You might think that registering for lots of clothes will help you avoid receiving clothes you hate, but forget it. You will receive a horrible outfit or two.

Naked Baby SashaNaked Baby Sasha - 3 months old

  • Gift Sets - Something about registering for gift sets seems a bit presumptuous to me, but it is a gift registry... put anything you want on it!
  • Onesies (bodysuits) - These have always seemed like a staple clothing item to me, but I haven't wanted to use them much because they slow me down. If you're planning to use Elimination Communication, you should think hard about the types of clothes you'd like to have.
  • Sleep 'n Plays - These are those outfits that go from neck to toes. They come in zippered (from neck to one foot) and snaps (usually snap down both legs). As much as I've been against onesies, I've loved these kinds of sleepers for Sasha and Spencer.
  • Gowns - Gowns are not just for girls! I absolutely loved using a gown on Spencer! It makes it so much easier and faster to get to the diaper and they look so sweet on any baby! They also last a little longer as sizes go because as the baby grows, their feet can just stick out the bottom.
  • Socks - You will receive socks. It is almost a guarantee! I have little boy socks coming out my ears! It is one of those tiny things for tiny babies that people just can not resist. I didn't find that socks served well to keep my babies' feet warm, but I understand they work better than mits for keeping sharp nails from scratching baby's face. They stay on better than the mits.
  • Hats - You're likely to receive a hat or three, too. It is another fun item to buy.
  • Sleepsacks - these can help keep your baby covered and keep them on their back. I have read some bad things about swaddling, but there are some "wearable blankets" that leave the option of having arms free. Spencer wore a nice one in the NICU when he came off the heat and had to maintain his body temperature.

Spencer in Sleepsack in NICUYou can just see the straps at the top of this sleepsack under his blanket. As you can see, Spencer likes to sleep with his arms free!

Is there any particular type of clothing you love to have for your babies? We have a fun registry topic next week, Nursing / Feeding!

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