Friday, May 27, 2011

First Trimester Fatigue

Admittedly, it has been a rough month even for someone that didn't just discover they're pregnant. As you probably know, my mother had a stroke. Her hospitalization left me unemployed. We were thrilled to get our BFP and I was quite pleased to snag midwives through our local Indian clinic. My ex-husband, the father of my 12yo daughter, passed away on Mother's Day from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. I have had numerous fights with his widow, someone with whom I was once very close. My daughter just moved in with us to stay. So... yeah. Busy.

Not only are these big life changing events, they have all involved a lot of running-around-town type of activity. First there was getting my sister to visits with Mom as well as to her own appointments (she does not yet drive). Then there was my own increase in appointments. I also spent some time driving my daughter to/from relative's homes to spend time with her father's family. I have also done some driving for applying for various forms of assistance (WIC, for instance).

I used to do laundry at my Mom's place. I could usually throw one load in while I was working. While I was still going to her house to fetch my sister, I wasn't spending enough time there to do laundry. I normally do about 3 loads per week. I did manage to get a few loads done, but it took a couple of weeks.

Fast forward to today. I still had a load of jeans and a load of towels waiting to be folded and put away. We needed to do laundry... all of it. I've literally been too worn out to do any of it. I had to put the laundry away so that we could use the bags to wash more laundry. We also gave up and went back to using our on-site laundromat. The new machines look nice, but the increase in price does not.

Sasha in Hamper FrameSasha in Hamper Frame... Again
April 2011

I put away those 2 loads of laundry. Then the entire household walked to the laundromat (we use a stroller to carry the bags) to start laundry. Half an hour later, just us girls went to transfer the laundry to the dryers. An hour later, we all went back to gather laundry. Then I had THREE loads of laundry to put away. Our plan was to get them done and then go for groceries before the store went nuts due to the holiday weekend.

While I was putting laundry away, the maintenance men arrived to install our new dishwasher. Good thing, too, because our sink was stuffed FULL of dirty dishes! I could have run them through the old leaky one, but I was too exhausted and we just knew as soon as we loaded it and turned it on, they'd arrive.

We waited for them to finish, including fixing an issue with our fridge, and then we all headed out to grab a bite to eat and fetch groceries. Sasha usually insists I carry her through the entire store. This is exhausting whether I literally carry her or wear her. This time, though, she was happy to sit in the basket with an open personal-size bag of BBQ potato chips! (Note to self: remember this tactic! preferably with a healthier snack.)

We got groceries home and put away. We sat and watched Summer Slam 1999 (wrestling). Once the family was in bed or headed that way, I was amazed to find that I felt up to doing that huge pile of dishes!

I do not know what is different about today. I took my prenatal vitamin this morning, but I usually do. I did forget to take my B-12, I think. I've certainly dealt with the off / on nausea and even had belly pain from bloating and gas. Some days I just can not move off the couch and then today... I somehow had energy! I guess I always dig up energy from somewhere when I need it, but today seemed like less effort. I wonder if I've been resting TOO much... nah!

How have you dealt with pregnancy fatigue and life (especially with a little one under foot)? I'd also love to hear your gas-fighting tips!
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