Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Surf: Parenting Decisions

Holy cow, Sunday is nearly over and I nearly forgot to do my Sunday Surf! Here is my quick list.

  • Home Birth Midwife Interview Questions as presented by The Adventures of Lactating Girl. I don't really get a choice with my clinic but I'm just happy to even have midwives! Still, this is a very extensive list and I still think I'll take some of the questions from it. It should help make sure my midwives are on the same page with me. And I'm not even sure about HB for me anyway... still, good questions!

  • To Ultrasound or Not to Ultrasound: Reasons Vs. Risks written by Jennifer Lance on Eco Child's Play. Wow... serious topic. And not a whole lot of hard data out there.

    Being of "Advanced Maternal Age," I am basically automatically signed up for extra U/S including the fancy 3D version. The idea is to identify whether our child has / will have Down Syndrome. Some say they wouldn't bother the tests just to know in advance, but I think I'd like to know so that I could research (obsess) and find a good support system.

    Image short description3D Ultrasound ~ July 2009
    Looking back, I think I can actually see that this is Sasha!

    My husband is also quite adamant about determining the sex. I could surely research and argue against it, but it becomes a "choose your battles" kind of thing. If our baby is male, I need the time to argue against circumcision. We already argued some about it and I tabled the discussion. No sense in even starting that stress when it may be a moot point. I wasn't even pregnant at the time!

  • This thing is apparently kind of old (see the dates on the files), but a friend shared with me Letters from 3 vaccine manufacturers to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). You can expect to be shocked! I was.

  • If you've studied the Bradley Birthing Method, then you've likely heard of the Brewer Diet. The idea is mostly to eat plenty of protein! It also goes into a balanced diet. It makes more sense than any other advice I've heard about eating while pregnant, especially the "eat all the pie you want" variety! So, please check out this printable Daily Pregnancy Nutrition Checklist from Blue Ribbon Baby based on the Brewer Diet. Choose to eat healthy, for your baby if not for yourself.

Do you have other online midwife checklists to which you've referred? What have you decided about U/S and why? Were you shocked by the Vax Letters to the AAP? Did you follow a special diet while pregnant?


  1. When I was pregnant with my son I took Bradley classes and followed the diet fairly strictly, until I sat down with a midwife to talk about nutrition because of my risk issues (PIH). She de-emphasized protein with me and emphasized more vegetables. I started drinking almost a gallon a day of 'super greens' (dehydrated vegetable powder mixed into water) and made small modifications to my diet to make it more alkaline - grapefruit instead of oranges, almonds insteads of peanuts, things like that. I have to believe that it helped, because I went 39 weeks complication-free (and very mild heartburn compared to some of the horror stories I've heard!) after an OB told me I'd be "lucky to make it to 36 weeks" with my risk factors.

  2. How awesome that you had such an aware midwife! I generally have pretty low-risk pregnancies and do well on the protein heavy diet. If I don't eat protein, it just doesn't stick with me and I am hungry even sooner.

    I still try to get plenty of veggies in, though. I love veggies! I try to keep a varied diet, but I keep protein in every meal / snack... mostly.


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