Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Surf: immoral, wicked and angry... oh, and food!

At 6 o'clock Saturday evening, my mother had a stroke. I don't know more yet. I don't have many links to share. I kind of wish I had more, so writing about them could be a distraction, but I'm not focused enough to actually go digging for links.

  • The opinion section of the Washington Post just ran an article asking Why do Americans still dislike atheists? I'll admit, I did not "come out" as an atheist on my FaceBook until after I saw the movie Religulous. Yes, I tend to hesitate to mention it... because it does carry a stigma. This is an excellent article countering the idea that atheists are immoral, wicked and angry.

  • Doesn't this look yummy?! I was surfing the Sesame Street website, watching martian videos with my family, when I noticed a link to this recipe. I love the color in the photo, love Grover, and think this looks like a great recipe! If you try making Grover's Broccoli Trees in Haystacks before I do, let me know what you (and your little ones) think!

  • I follow some bento communities. I don't much care for nori (toasted seaweed - the black stuff you usually find in sushi rolls). Well this week I found an alternative! A gorgeous alternative! Soy Wraps. I link them here, in case you have a use for them as well. And because they're pretty!

Not a lot of reading, but I do hope you at least checked out the Washington Post article. To all who care to send well wishes, healing energy, or even prayers for my mother, thank you!

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