Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Famous Belly

If you've been here for at least a few months, you might recall my post on Body Image - Getting Over It back n February, inspired by a post by Hobo Mama.

Sasha, sleeping nurslingSasha, having nursed herself to sleep, wiggled down into a comfy spot on Mommy's squishy belly. This is roughly one month postpartum.

Peaceful Parenting just did an article with a poem, all about postpartum bellies. I love to refer to my "battle scars" when talking about stretch marks. I have them everywhere: hips (and saddle bags), butt, pubic mound (my favorite!), belly, breasts... I don't think I have any on my arms. I offered the photo from my post linked above and repeated above. Go check out some beautiful postpartum bellies, shown with pride! The poem is gorgeous and you'll love the final pic, too!
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