Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Mothers Day Gift Idea

How do you take minimalism and apply it to a holiday? There are, of course, coupon books you could buy or make. You could get gift cards or create a book for doing the dishes and such. However, my absolute favorite Mothers Day gift, the one upon which I have insisted several times is this:

Jorje & Serena on the SlideSerena & I on the slide
Mother's Day 2009
that would be Sasha under the overalls!

I want my partner to take my children and myself to a local park and take snapshots of us playing, not necessarily posed. I generally manage to snap some Daddy shots as well. This works out to a TIME / EVENT gift with digital outcome. It takes up NO space in the real world. It is a gift of attention and I am nothing if not an attention whore. (You don't have to be one to enjoy this gift, though!) The other great thing about this gift? It is FREE!

Elmo on the Playgroundall-too-serious(?) Daddy
Mother's Day 2009

Alternatively, I also recommend Zoo or Museum Membership. It is something else a mother can enjoy sharing with her family and it doesn't take up much in the way of real world space.

Ronni @ the ParkRonni @ the Park
Mother's Day 2009

Whatever you receive or do for Mother's Day, have a wonderful one! Remember: it is YOUR day!
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