Friday, May 20, 2011

Let go of my nipple!

When I'm not home, Sasha just plays until she lies down and falls asleep. You never know where that might be!

party til ya dropSasha sleeping in the doorway to the other room.
April 2011

If I'm home, though, Sasha most often nurses to sleep. In fact, she always nurses to sleep if the option is here.

Nursing in Family BedNursing in our Family Bed
April 2011

The position shown above is NOT common for going to sleep, though. That is more of a slowly-waking-in-the-morning or still sleeping in kind of position for us. Most often, you'll see Sasha nurse to sleep on the Boppy. Even at night, I just lower the Boppy (with her on it) onto the floor... once I get her detached! And there in-lies the occasional issue. Sometimes Sasha just does NOT want to let my nipple loose! There have been times that I swear she suckled all night long! It is mostly nap time, though, that I can't seem to get away from her.

Then I read about the Pantley-Pull-Off. It is really meant as a way to teach your baby NOT to nurse to sleep, but only to relax. You pull away before she is asleep and let her doze off on her own. I really, really don't mind her nursing to sleep! However, I don't want to be attached for an entire sleep session! So I started trying this PPO thing... and it works (most of the time)! Here is what you do: The trick is to remove your nipple, but also to hold pressure just under baby's chin. It's like if she can't open her mouth, she figures she doesn't need nipple or something! It is like some odd sort of magic trick! It doesn't work every time, but I am loving the successes!

Sasha NursingSasha nursing to sleep at 16 months
January 2011

To read more about the Pantley-Pull-Off and other No-Cry Sleep Solutions, check out the article on peaceful parenting. It is worth bookmarking!
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