Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Lateral Move

Last summer we moved from a large 3-bedroom condominium into a small 2-bedroom apartment. We were NOT using all of that space! In the Fall, I realized that my dreams are attainable and I can dream big! I got started minimalizing! By December, we moved across the courtyard into an even smaller 1-bedroom apartment.

Mind you, we are: Husband, Wife, Toddler, and (at the time) a 12yo on a part time basis. At tax time this year, we realized we weren't quite ready to take the leap to a Travel Trailer just yet. I started considering our next move. In the last couple of months I've researched Mother-in-Law houses (impossible to find listings!), rooms for rent via Craigslist, economy apartments (which only seem to be available in bad neighborhoods), and rooming with my brother. He lived with us for a month in our condo.

Living Room in CondoOur Living Room in our Condo

My brother and I began loose negotiations to become roommates. With him approaching finals and working major overtime, it was kind of put on hold. Then we had those major life-changing events around here. And our part time 12yo daughter became full time. My brother and I finally sat down together for full-on face-to-face negotiations and we plan to move our family into his 3-bedroom condo (same neighborhood we were in before) this summer.

Living RoomOur current "Living Room" - on a messy day!
You can see the Dining Room in the background.

I've debated what sort of move this will actually be. My daughter has the single bedroom here, but that means that our vanity is in her bedroom, as is access to the single bathroom. Our living room doubles as our bedroom, containing our small couch as well as our queen bed (in which 3 of us sleep). Oh wait, it triples - add our large desk with 2 PCs. In our new home, we'll lose our "living room" entirely. We'll actually have our own room, though! (Our bed is literally just inside the front door right now.)

Dining RoomOur current "Dining Room"

In some ways I feel like we're continuing our downsizing. We will be sharing a kitchen. In other ways, I feel like we're committing to more space. The entire place is much larger than our current home, but common areas will be shared. We'll have more closet space. We'll only be saving a few bucks on monthly expenses, but I didn't feel we could go for an economy apartment now that we've added an (almost) teen and have another baby on the way.

I feel good about the move and plan to continue downsizing our belongings. My brother and I had already been discussing him storing a few things for us once we're on the road (such as photos), so that will be really easy to arrange! We also won't be signing a lease, so when we're ready to go, we can go!


  1. That's pretty amazing!

    Minimalism is way under-rated!

    We're in a 2 bedroom condo...the interior is not small by any means...but I'd love an outdoor space. Do you have any outdoor space or do you guys just go out to the park, etc.?

  2. When it comes right down to it people really do not need nearly as much space as they think they do.
    We are going to be doing a big move soon, have not written on my blog yet waiting for everything to come through first and have been looking at 3 and 4 bedrooms. We have a 3 bedroom right now (for those that dont know me we have 7 children)and it is strange to think of 4 rooms. Until the twins got older I dont really know what I would do with it. lol
    Keep up the good work and I am excited to see what you guys end up doing. : )
    oh and thank you for your kind words over at my blog today. I did update it. : ) It took me forever and I am still not 100% pleased with everything but it is getting there. I like the nice clean look of it now where as before I thought it looked really really cluttered and that my profile pic made it look like a birth blog.

  3. @ Jessica ~ We have some common area for outdoor space. It is pretty nice as far as being open and grassy. Thankfully in our section of the complex we don't get beer bottles and such like they do in some parts. We're kind of in a back corner. Less traffic.

    The new place also has some common area, though not as much. We'll have some of it pretty much to ourselves, though, as my brother's place is also in a corner. He also has a very nice large fenced in patio area. I look forward to play time there! I also hope to be hanging diapers to dry out there! :-D

  4. @ One Rich Mother ~ Your family is inspiring! I look forward to reading more about your upcoming move. :-)


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