Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Minimalist: MORE stuff

I still have several boxes stacked in my pile. I've got one box of shoes (it is just where I keep the ones I don't wear very often and where I keep all 3 pair of Sasha's shoes, including the pair she has outgrown). I also have the plastic box of Giftmas and Easter stuff. There is what is left of my playing card collection, my older daughter's toy box... There is 1 box I haven't gone through yet at all. I know it has stuff that also belongs to my husband, which I think is why I haven't done it yet.

That wouldn't seem SOOO bad, but I suddenly feel I should have worked on it this weekend. And that I should have, more specifically, worked with my 12yo daughter on going through the small amount of things in her 3 under-bed drawers and 2 night stand drawers. She moves in with us in 3 short days!

Thankfully, my ex-husband's widow DID spend the weekend going through Ronni's things over there. She sorted out the clothes that didn't fit and got everything else headed to the laundry. I can not TELL you how much I appreciate her efforts! I know what Ronni's floor tends to resemble and it is not pretty! She has sorted Ronni's clothing into separate boxes for pants / shorts, dresses / skirts, etc.

I hope Ronni will meld well with my minimalist ways, but I also want him to feel even more at home here than ever. Our lease is up in August and I'm not sure yet how small our next home will be. I am, however, already on the hunt for our next living arrangements.

I also have a video to share with you today. This guy has transformed a flippin pigeon loft! It became his 258 sq ft apartment! That's right, 258 square feet. It looks SO awesome, but would not work for a family. In fact, he has recently gotten into a relationship and decided the space was great for one, but didn't work as well for two.

Read the original story here.

Happy minimizing!
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