Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Day

Sasha's First EggSasha's First Found Egg
FIRST thing Easter morning

Sasha & Tyler ~ Easter MorningMy girls going through their Easter haul

Tyler & Sasha ~ Sidewalk Chalk ~ Easter DayTyler & Sasha with their new sidewalk chalk. It was a cool and rainy day, but we had a few feet of patio dry and available.

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  1. @Issa ~ Thanks! It was a thrift store find. :-D We love it, too.

  2. I love the shirt as well. : )
    So cute.

  3. I love that first photo of Sasha. She looks like she's not quite certain what her next move should be. Looks like you all had a great Easter!

  4. Sasha's expression in the first one is great :)

  5. Yes, such an expression on Sasha's face! And yes to the Batman shirt, too!

  6. I love it! We just did our first egg hunt this year, and Mikko loved it. I'm glad you're starting Sasha early. She definitely looks intrigued. Great Elmo basket, too! Glad your girls had a good Easter!

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network!

  7. That look of puzzlement says so much--bite it, eat it, open it, throw it... lots of choices for a little one.


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