Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Camping @ Spencer Creek!

Spencer Creek 2011 - First Family Tent CampingOur first family tent camping...
This is how it began.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Throwing DirtShe stayed plenty busy for tent-raising and enjoyed throwing dirt into the air!

Spencer Creek 2011 - Fire PitShe soon moved on to the Fire Pit.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Time to Strip DownThis is about the time we decided the shirt could go.
Those shorts were originally white and the shoes were brown.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Fetching KindlingSasha helps carry kindling back to camp.

Spencer Creek 2011 - WildlifeDaddy found a spider while breaking up kindling.
So glad we brought our bug catchers!

Spencer Creek 2011 - SunsetThe sunset over Oolagah Lake from our secluded camp site.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Bubbles!Bubbles lured Sasha away from the fire pit so Daddy could get the fire going before the sun was completely set.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Naked CampingDid I mention our site was secluded?
Yes, Sasha spent the entire evening naked.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Dirty MorningRight back to the dirt in the cool morning air.

Spencer Creek 2011 - EC in the WoodsThis is one of my favorite shots!
Sasha also tried my pStyle on this trip.

Spencer Creek 2011 - BBLPHow cute is she, sitting on her BBLP in the woods?!

Spencer Creek 2011 - Dirty ToddlerNever been so dirty since the day she was born!

Spencer Creek 2011 - Daddy & Daddy's GirlShowing Daddy the sticks from the previous 2 photos.
I got teary-eyed taking these shots of the two of them.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Tear DownSasha "helps" Daddy tear down the tent...

Spencer Creek 2011 - More Dirt!but soon gets distracted by a new patch of dirt.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Extinguishing the FireSasha helps put out the fire by throwing dirt into the fire pit. Dirt from start to finish for this girl!


  1. These pics are super cute! Sasha is a cutie pie for sure. I love the pic of her on the potty in the woods!

  2. Oh come on, you know you all spent the entire evening naked! I love the plumber's butt pic. And I love how she kept herself so occupied. Gotta love nature.

  3. What an awesome trip! Looks like Sasha had a blast ;-)

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. What fun! Sasha really knows how to enjoy herself! I've still got chills running down my back from that spider... glad I wasn't there! :)

  5. Love love love it! She really is a dirt girl, isn't she? She should come teach Mikko (and me!) a thing or two about getting down & dirty.

    I was wondering about your pStyle — how fun that Sasha tried it, too. :)

    We're hoping to go camping, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love all the dirty pictures. The first one with her hands and the spider cup is so great.. What a great trip for her, especially with all the photographic memories. The potty shot is so funny.

  7. The camping shots were great. The child will grow up being appreciative of the memories of nature. Camping is fun.

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