Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Camping @ Spencer Creek!

Spencer Creek 2011 - First Family Tent CampingOur first family tent camping...
This is how it began.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Throwing DirtShe stayed plenty busy for tent-raising and enjoyed throwing dirt into the air!

Spencer Creek 2011 - Fire PitShe soon moved on to the Fire Pit.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Time to Strip DownThis is about the time we decided the shirt could go.
Those shorts were originally white and the shoes were brown.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Fetching KindlingSasha helps carry kindling back to camp.

Spencer Creek 2011 - WildlifeDaddy found a spider while breaking up kindling.
So glad we brought our bug catchers!

Spencer Creek 2011 - SunsetThe sunset over Oolagah Lake from our secluded camp site.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Bubbles!Bubbles lured Sasha away from the fire pit so Daddy could get the fire going before the sun was completely set.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Naked CampingDid I mention our site was secluded?
Yes, Sasha spent the entire evening naked.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Dirty MorningRight back to the dirt in the cool morning air.

Spencer Creek 2011 - EC in the WoodsThis is one of my favorite shots!
Sasha also tried my pStyle on this trip.

Spencer Creek 2011 - BBLPHow cute is she, sitting on her BBLP in the woods?!

Spencer Creek 2011 - Dirty ToddlerNever been so dirty since the day she was born!

Spencer Creek 2011 - Daddy & Daddy's GirlShowing Daddy the sticks from the previous 2 photos.
I got teary-eyed taking these shots of the two of them.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Tear DownSasha "helps" Daddy tear down the tent...

Spencer Creek 2011 - More Dirt!but soon gets distracted by a new patch of dirt.

Spencer Creek 2011 - Extinguishing the FireSasha helps put out the fire by throwing dirt into the fire pit. Dirt from start to finish for this girl!
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