Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Surf: Banana, Anyone?

After driving 5½ hours home on Monday, we've had a very busy week! Monday night: toured hospital. Tuesday: OB appointment where we agreed I should actually deliver at a different hospital (with a higher level of nursery available). I also went to the Buddy Walk kick off event to drop of cash donations and pick up t-shirts! Wednesday: WIC appointment and meeting with Tyler's new teacher. Thursday: drove sister to an appointment. Friday: a lengthy appointment with the Healthy Start woman - which is actually a nice visit. Saturday: Tyler's Manga AI club meeting! and today? The BUDDY WALK!! Monday I actually have clear... so far. But we're moving next weekend so we have LOTS to do!!

All that... would you like some links?

  • Hobo Mama's husband, Crackerdog Sam, guest posted for her carnival post this past Summer. He wrote about starting their 3yo son on an allowance. This month he guest posted for the carnival again and provided us with an update on the program. I loved the first post and really enjoyed the follow-up as well! It can be nice to have friends with kids slightly older than your own, so you can get ideas on how you want to handle different topics. Check it out at New lessons from an allowance.

  • I re-posted an image on my blog about how words hurt. My friend Luschka shared her post with me and it is a good one. Check out Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones…

  • I love to read funny tales that show just how silly some opinions can sound. In this example, read about Penis Reduction Surgery: Does Size Not Matter? Maybe a funny approach can help you convince someone in your life. I know they helped me!

  • I know I already posted my own article about the Natural Parents Network Meet-up, complete with a link list of other volunteers. However, there is a post about it on the actual site and I thought I'd share. The First Annual Natural Parents Network Cross-Country Get Together!
I hope you found something here worth your while. What interesting things have you learned online lately?
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