Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Linkage

Between traveling last weekend, recovering from traveling, and then spending most of our time OUT of the apartment (again) this weekend , I have just not had a chance to tackle any new projects. I've had some percolating, especially since we are moving in a week and have not packed a single thing! Still... I won't let a Monday go by without sharing something minimalist!

As much as I'd like to say that my idea for a weekly post (on the M-day, of course) about minimalism is a totally original idea... I'm not the only one to come up with the idea. I hadn't seen it anywhere when I started, but there is also a series on miss minimalist. Every Monday she posts the profile of one of her readers - real life minimalists. She even has an interesting character shared today! So if you're interested to see how other real people do minimalism: Head on over and check out the series, or at least today's post.

Even MORE special, though, is last Friday's post! She caught up with a couple from a previous Monday post. These folks used minimalism to reach their dream of world travel and are now living out of backpacks!! What a beautiful tale that goes right to my heart! This post also includes a giveaway that ends today! Its an eBook, so don't sweat the space it'll take - its just digital. ;-)

Have a great week! I hope you have less to tackle than I do this week!


  1. You know how when you read posts from the NPN Team email subscription list, you can't tell which blog something's from? So I saw your note about not being the only one to do Monday Minimalist, and I thought, If that's not Jorje, I'm going to tell them Jorje has been doing it for ages! But it was Jorje. :)

    Anyway, very cool linkage, as always.

  2. P.S. Maybe you should make a button for Monday Minimalist and recruit other people to do posts & link back to you. I mean, if that appeals to you! Maybe it's not very minimalist, though… ;)

  3. It drives me nuts to now know who wrote the posts. I often click to see the page just so I can know who it was! That, and I try to comment on nearly everything I read, especially within the team!

    A MM button would be awesome... though I feel like it should be stark white with minimal lettering. LOL


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