Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Surf

Moving this weekend, so had to plan ahead again. I did find some goodies for you, though!

  • Sasha is 2 years old and has been able (at least occasionally) to count to 10 completely on her own. She has always loved to hear me count or even count backwards. So... do you think she is genius material? Check out How to Spot a Gifted Toddler. It isn't what you think, I promise.

  • And speaking of being advanced in math, check out Education & Wage Slavery: Hand In Hand? I don't want to raise my kids to blindly follow authority, which is what I feel public school teaches. This article goes into other reasons the system doesn't really work for the people.

  • Did you know that 16 states plus DC have legalized marijuana for medical use? It seems ironic to me that even Washington, DC has it, but so many states don't. Looking to relocate? See the list and laws in each state.

  • Do you remember the show Sister Sister about the twins separated at birth and then they found each other? They wind up living together, even though their parents (a single father and a single mother) don't get along. Anyway, those twins now have a reality show and in case you hadn't heard, they caught the breastfeeding world's eye recently! Check out the details here.

I hope you're having a less eventful (or at least more relaxed) Sunday than I am! What interesting web pages have you read this week?

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