Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Small Spaces

I'm driving back home today, but I do have some interesting links to share with you regarding Minimal Living...

Ever seen a colony of finch nests? Etgar Keret, a writer from Israel, has commissioned what looks to be the narrowest house in the world. Read about Living Very, Very Narrowly from NPR. This place is tiny!

Then there is this guy....
<a href='' target='_new' title='Man Turns Dumpster Into House' >Video: Man Turns Dumpster Into House</a>

He built a house out of dumpster! Honestly, I think they should make a BUNCH of them and give them to the homeless! They could even set up a complex of them somewhere! Although the thing probably rolls around anyway.

And one more from NPR: Do-It-Yourself Downsize: How To Build A Tiny House. Apparently there is an entire movement focused on tiny homes! There are some other links within this article that are worth clicking (like a Tiny House Blog).

Perhaps people really are beginning to figure out that there are too many of us on this Earth to continue taking up as much space as we do! Maybe people are figuring out that we just do not need so much crap!

I'd totally live in any of these tiny homes! If, that is, there weren't going to be 5 of us and if I could take it on the road!

How much space do you really need?
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